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Goa State Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited (GSIDC) is a wholly owned Government Company of the Government of Goa registered under the Companies Act, 1956, with the Registrar of Companies, Panaji-Goa.

  • GSIDC is a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) for speedy implementation of all the Infrastructural Projects, envisaged by the Government like Roads, Bridges, Fly-Overs, Bus-Stands, Hospitals, Tourism related Projects, etc., all over the State.
  • The main objectives of the Company infrastructure development in the state of Goa.
  • The company carries out implementations of projects entrusted to it by the government through its consultant and contractors.
  • For this purpose, it raises its finance through budgetary support and market borrowings.
  • This Corporation would act as a co-ordinating agency for implementing all the projects.


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  • Connectivity

    The bridge between Aldona and Calvim makes crossing the river a breeze during the monsoons. Villagers were earlier dependent on the ferry, which was time consuming.

    Bus Stand at Valpoi facilitate domestic transport in and around Valpoi. Earlier bus stand was located in market area which caused traffic congestion.

    During monsoons, water used to overflow over the causeway thus causing inconvenience to locals. Also, the waterway was blocked due to the existing pipes in order to restore the sea fauna life. This was until the Jacinto Island bridge was constructed.

  • Healthcare Facilities

    The present District Hospital in North Goa (Asilo Hospital) is about 50 years old, with 190 beds and upgrading of the existing hospital is almost impossible. Therefore, it is planned to build a new District Hospital at Mapusa with modern hospital concept and design having requisite facilities for secondary health care.

    The ID hospital was created to provide hospital with facilities to locals from Ponda and neighboring areas.

    To provide better health care facilities to the locals of Valpoi, this Health Center was constructed as per request of Directorate of Health Services.

  • Public Amenities

    The old Panchayat ghar was in dilapidated condition and hence the new building was constructed.

    To cater to the culture, drama, music of that region.

    Construction of Central Library Building at Patto, Panaji, Goa – Civil works

  • Sports & Education

    The Library Block at GMC forms an important facility in the Medical College cum Hospital complex. It serves as a storehouse of books, journals, records, display information, Medical Equipment data, etc. in service of the medical students & the GMC officials.

    GSIDC is playing a big role in encouraging sports in the Youth of Goa by developing Sports Complexes. To provide sports & recreation facilities for the people of Quepem taluka, this project was taken.

    Science Faculty Building is conceptualized to meet the ever-growing needs of expansion of the campus to incorporate study of Science, for quality research facility and to create an excellent, modern research facility

  • Other Infrastructure

    The FDA bulding was created as requested by Directorate of Food and Drugs Administration

    Yojana Bhavan was directed by Directorate of Planning, Statistics & Evaluation

    During communal violence in December 2006 at Curchorem, the Department had to mobilize fire fighting vehicles / appliances from Ponda, Margao and even Panaji to manage the situation. This has added a new dimension to the urgency for upgrading Fire Staton at Curchorem.