Project Duration
Stipulated Date of Commencement November 21 2014
Actual Date of Completion May 20 2016
Cost (₹)
Estimated at ₹ 1,468,500,000.00
Awarded for ₹ 1,459,500,000.00

Project highlights

It is a modern facility based on mechanical biological treatment process with segregation, recovery of recyclables and Bio-methanation technology.

Electricity is generated in the plant from the gas produced by Bio-methanation process which is used for the plant operation and the surplus power generated is supplied to the grid

The sludge produced is converted as a manure.

The MSW plant has recovery of about 98% from the municipal solid waste, with only 2% left over as grit & sand going into the scientific sanitary landfill for disposal.

Capacity of 100 metric tons per day.

Municipal solid waste treatment facility with minimum human intervention.

Enclosed sheds and computer controlled PLS/SCADA equipment for handling different materials.

This project is presently managed, maintained and operated by Goa Waste Management Corporation (GWMC) The mode of financing was Design, Build, Finance, Operate and Transfer (DBFOT) basis wherein the complete plant infrastructure has been implemented by the Concessionaire with 100% financing along with operations and maintenance for a period of ten years.

The technology is such that all issues of odour, unsightly garbage mounds and leachate are handled with the aim of minimizing the same.

This facility has been expanded now to treat 250 TPD of waste by GWMC (work completed on 31″ October, 2023), for which Project Management Consultancy services were provided by GSIDC.

This plant is a game changer in waste management and 3.35 lakh metric tonnes of garbage has been treated since 2016.

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M/s Hindustan Waste Treatment Pvt. Ltd.
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Expert Committee consisting experts from NEERI, BARC, IIT Mubai, BITS Goa
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