Project Duration
Stipulated Date of Commencement
Actual Date of Completion
Cost (₹)
Estimated at ₹ 44,176,740.00
Awarded for ₹ 43,420,441.00
Final Cost of Project ₹ 45,037,595.00

Project highlights

The library building wraps itself around the existing trees and takes maximum advantage of natural North light. Terraces at various levels expand the internal volumes visually into the landscape, thereby making reading in the library so much more comfortable and pleasurable. Each level is provided with a mezzanine level to maximize stacking area. These mezzanine levels are so designed, that books are easily within reach. Separate spaces are allocated for PhD. & faculty, night reading etc. A dedicated seminar room is also provided. The existing ground slope is effectively used to create a semi basement, which is used for stacking and storage of archives.

M/s. M. Venkata Rao Infra Projects Pvt. Ltd.
M/s. Frischmann Prabhu (I) Pvt. Ltd

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