Rules, regulations, instructions, manuals and records for discharging functions.

[Section 4(1) (b) (v)]


Sr. No. Name of the act, rules, regulations etc. Brief gist of the contents Reference No if any Price in case of priced publications
1 Companies Act 1956 Mainly of Book of Accounts

Rules regarding Various Company Matters.

________ ________
2 Income Tax Act 1961 Rules regarding Calculation of Income Tax

Tax Returns

TDS matters etc

________ ________
3 Goa Value Added Tax Act Rules regarding charge of VAT Tax

Collection of Work Contract Tax

________ ________
4 CPWD Works Manual 2014 Execution of works

Measurement Books

Preparation, Examination and/or verification and passing bills for payments

Contracts and Forms

Publicity of Tenders

Sale of Tender Documents

Receipt, Opening & Acceptance of Tenders

Earnest Money

Security Deposit

Refund of Security Deposit and Performance Security

Extra Substituted and Deviated Items of Work

Site Order Books and Inspection Registers

Payments of Contractors

Payment for Sub-Standard Work

Advanced Payments etc.

Published by Director General (Works) CPWD, Nirman Bhavan New-Delhi Rs. 330/-
5 Right to Information Act 2005 As per RTI Act ________ ________
6 Leave Policy Leave Rules for the staff ________ ________
7 TA / DA Rules Entitlement of travelling allowance and dearness allowance for the staff on tour for official purpose ________ ________
8 Weeding Policy Time duration for the preservation, retention and weeding of various office files / documents / records ________ ________
9 Conduct Rules Rules regarding the conduct, discipline and appeals for the staff ________ ________


The GSIDC Works Manual has been prepared and approved by the GSIDC Board. The same was sent to Government for approval. The spirit and essence of the CPWD Manual has been taken as governing and guiding in our Manual. However, the latest CPWD Manual is referred whenever required.