Norms set by it for the discharge of its functions

[Section 4(1) (b) (iv)]


Sr. No. Activity Time Frame / Norm for its completion / disposal Remarks
1 All Activities of our Organization  We do not have any fixed time  frame for the activities pursued. Time frames and norms do not apply to us because of the explanation given below.

Our organization has been envisaged as a SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) and all the activities are carried out on fast tracks. We do not set any time frame by ourselves as our pursuance depends on the approvals of various Statutory Bodies and the speed which they decide and dispose the necessary files, permissions and approvals. The resolve and attitude of our Officers / Engineers ensure that the activities are pursued in the least possible time frame keeping in principle adherence to all the Mandatory Law and approvals of Government Bodies. However, as a matter of principle the onus of getting the necessary approvals always depends on the Client Department.