Information available in an electronic form

[Section 4(1) (b) (xiv)]

The detailed company information and the projects undertaken by Goa State Infrastructure Development Corporation for development is hosted on the website at The information hosted on the website is broadly classified in 7 blocks with sub-categories as below:

Sr. No. Activities for which electronic data available Nature of information available Can it be shared with public Is it available or is being use as back end data base
1 ABOUT US Aims and Objectives Yes Yes
GSIDC – Profile Yes Yes
RTI Yes Yes
Shareholders Yes Yes
Organization Structure Yes Yes
Board of Directors Yes Yes
Finance Activities Yes Yes
Citizen’s Charter Yes Yes
GSIDC News Yes Yes
2 TEAM Consultants – Major Yes Yes
  Consultants – Minor Yes Yes
Contractors Yes Yes
3 WORK Tenders Yes Yes
  Corrigendum Yes Yes
  Pre-qualifications Yes Yes
  Expression of Interest Yes Yes
Empanelment Yes Yes
4 PROJECTS Completed Projects Yes Yes
  Current Projects Yes Yes
  Proposed Projects Yes Yes
Gallery Yes Yes
5 CAREERS Working at GSIDC Yes Yes
  Current Openings Yes Yes
7  eTENDER Yes Yes