A statement of the categories of documents that are held by it or under its control

[Section 4(1) (b) (vi)]

Sr. No. Nature of Record Details of information available Unit / Section where available Retention period where available

A) Accounts and Finance


1 Member Register Details of Shareholders Accounts & Finance Life Time
2 Directors Register Details of Directors Accounts & Finance Life Time
3 Books of Accounts Cash Book, Bank Books, Various Ledgers etc. Accounts & Finance 8 Years from end of the financial year
4 Loan Register (Availed / Disbursed) Details of Loans given to various Government Departments & Loans availed by GSIDC from Banks / Institutions. Accounts & Finance Till the tenure of loans
5 Register of ROC Matters Details of various returns, forms filed with Registrar of Company (ROC). Accounts & Finance Life Time
6 Financial Statements of Accounts Balance Sheets, Profit & Loss Account etc. Accounts & Finance Life Time
7 Memorandum & Article of Association Details of Formation of Company, Objective Share Capital etc. Accounts & Finance Life Time
8 Memorandum of Understanding with Client Departments Role of the Client Department and Role of GSIDC Accounts & Finance Life Time
9 Legal Agreements with Contractors & Consultants Terms and Conditions of the Contract, Completion Period, Schedule of Payment etc. Accounts & Finance Life Time

B) Secretarial


1 Minutes of Board Meeting Details of the Meetings of the Board, Agendas placed before the Board & decisions taken. Manager (Engg.) Life Time

C) Land Acquisition & Liaison


1 Land Acquisition Awards a)Total Amount of Compensation Paid.b)Total Area in Square meters acquired.c) Names of the Land Owners.

d) Plan of the land acquired.

Land Acquisition Cell Life Time
2 Vehicle Records a)      Records of Machinery and Vehicles i.e. RC Book, Insurance.

b)      Records of vehicle Log Book etc.

Liaison Section a)      Till the Life Time of the Vehicle.b)      3 years from the end of financial year.
3 Purchase of stationery Signing of contract with the supplier of stationery, printers, & Courier services. Disbursement of their bills for payment. Liaison Section 3 years from the end of the financial year


D) Advertisements Released by GSIDC


1 Tender Notices, Pre – Qualification Notices, Display Advertisements, Expression of Interest etc. Details of Tender issued by GSIDC. Administration Section 3 years from the end of the financial year
2 Office Equipments like Computers, EPABX, Photo Copier, Digital Camera, Handycam etc., Office Air Conditioners Ownership / Purchase Documents Administration Section 3 years from the end of the financial year

E) Engineering Section


1 Bridges, Roads & Buildings Techo Feasibility Report, Land Acquisition Documents if any, Correspondence with Project Management Consultants, Miscellaneous Correspondence with Statutory Bodies, Notice Inviting Tenders, Contract Documents of Consultants & Contractors, Correspondence with Contractors, Bills of Consultants , Bills of Contractors, Minutes of the Meeting with Consultants & Contractors, Works File for Consultant & Contractor, Bills of Architects and Correspondence with the Architects. Payment File for Consultants and Contractors, Legal File for Consultants and Contractors, Miscellaneous Files and Contract Documents of Consultants and Contractors. Engineering Section 3 Years from the last day of defect liability period.



1 Confidential Report Annual Confidential Report of all the staff of the Corporation HRD 3 years after employee ceases to be in serviceLife time for existing employee.
2 Recruitment Rules Recruitment rules for various posts in the organization. HRD Life Time
3 Staff on Deputation HRD Life Time
4 No dues Certificate No dues certificate of all the staff who resigned the Corporation HRD Life Time
5 Restructuring of G.S.I.D.C. Approval from Finance Dept Govt. of Goa for restructuring the manpower, creation of new posts and Offer of Appointments. HRD Life Time




6 Agenda Notes – Personnel matters All agenda items and minutes regarding personnel matters put up for Board meetings HRD Life Time
7 Pay revision of G.S.I.D.C employees. Revision in the pay scale of all the employees on contract in G.S.I.D.C. HRD Life Time
8 Chairman / Vice Chairman Notification issued by personnel Dept, Govt of Goa. HRD Life Time
9 Medical reimbursement G.S.I.D.C Medical Scheme. Annual Medical allowance issued to the staff. Claims for reimbursement of Medical bills by the staff of the Corporation. HRD Life Time
10 Seminar and Training File. Brochures for Seminar and Training by various Institutes and nomination of various employees for training programmes. HRD 3 years from the end of the financial year


11 Security Agency Appointment of security, personnel, disbursement of monthly bills and Honorarium. HRD 3 years from the end of the financial year
12 Staff salary Disbursement of salary of all the staff of the Corporation. HRD Life Time
13 Provident Fund. Filing of Annual PF returns, issue of nomination/ declaration / withdrawal forms, filing of monthly PF challens and increase or decrease on PF Contribution. HRD Life Time
14 Sexual harassment of women at work place. Formation of committee for Sexual Harassment of women at work place. HRD Life Time
15 Office Order Office orders issued till date HRD Life Time
16 Personnel Files of the staff of the Corporation. All documents regarding the academic work experience, etc. taken at the time of interview and during joining. HRD 3 years after the employee ceases to be in service