Project Duration
Start Date 13/11/2016
End Date 28/02/2019
Cost (₹)
Estimated at ₹ 11,198,187.00
Awarded for ₹ 13,805,309.54
Final Cost of Project ₹ 13,805,309.54

Project highlights

(I) Ground Floor –
a. It accommodates 8 shops.
b. 7 shops with area 14.25 sq. m. each and 1 shops with area 47.45 sq. m. each.
c. Ladies and Gents Toilet.
(II) First Floor –
a. It accommodates 3 shops with area 15 sq. m. each.
b. Multipurpose Hall to cater to 170 people, with area of 102.00 Sq.m..
c. Ladies and Gents Toilet.

M/s. M. M. Naik & Co.
M/s. Bhaskar Wagle and Associates

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