The proposed project is of significant importance to the residents of Chicalim, Vasco, Mormugao, Dabolim, Cortalim, Bogmalo. The existing cottage hospital needs to be upgraded as the people of the neighbouring areas have either go to Margao or Bambolim for medical treatment. Therefore there is an urgent need to upgrade the hospital with all modern equipments. The above facts highlight the need for the proposed Cottage hospital.

Project Duration
Start Date Feb 12 2015
End Date Apr 30 2018
Status As on Feb 28 2019

Inaugurated on 25/01/2019

Cost (Rs.)
Estimated at 236589775.00
Awarded for 270000000.79
Final Cost of Project 28.36cr

Ground +1 Hospital


Project highlights

Proposed hospital is a 120 bedded hospital and is designed as G+1 RCC storied structure with a built-up area of 6232 sq. m. approximately.
Building accommodates :-
OPD Block consisting of 13 OPD’s namely General OPD, Medicine OPD, OBG/Surgery OPD, Homeopathic OPD , Ayurvedic OPD, Dental OPD, ENT OPD, Orthopedics OPD, Ophthalmic OPD, Radiology OPD, Gynecology OPD, Pediatrics OPD, Psychiatry OPD along with support facilities such as Immunization Room, Plaster Room, Dressing Room, Treatment Room (Injections), Pharmacy.
Diagnostic Block consisting of X-ray, Ultrasonography, CT Scan, Laboratory, ECG,ICTC Lab with Counselor.
Emergency Block consisting of Trauma Room (5 beds), EMT Room, Nursing Room, Doctor’s Room, Support Staff Room, Driver’s Room.
In Patient Block consisting of Male Ward (40 beds), Female Ward (20 beds), Maternity/Pediatric Ward (30 beds), Preparatory room, Change Room, Delivery Room with 4 tables, Special Neonatal Care Unit, Postpartum Room, Isolation ward (8 beds), Dialysis Ward (12 beds), Prison Ward (10 beds), Baths/toilets, Nursing Station along with other facilities such as Operational Facilities, Pre-operative room, Operation Theatres (2 Nos) for minor surgeries, Post-operative Room.


Upgradation and extension of existing Cottage Hospital at Chicalim, Goa.
Taluka: Mormugao

M/s. Decor Home (India) Pvt. Ltd.


M/s. Structwel Designers & Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

Project Incharge

Shri Jude A. D. Carvalho


Ms. Revati A. Parab


Shri. Siddhant Dubhashi


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