To ease heavy traffic movement towards Dabolim airport from Verna and Vasco side. Also, to prevent present traffic congestion near traffic signal in front of airport.

Project Duration
Start Date Feb 22 2014
End Date Dec 31 2018
Status As on Jul 16 2018

All the piers, footings and abutments have been casted thus completing all the Substructure works of Verna and Vasco side flyover. Further, the Superstructure work of Verna side Flyover is also completed which had 19 superstructure spans. With regards to Vasco side Flyover, 04 out of 17 superstructure spans are already casted and only crash barrier for these spans are pending. Also, shuttering work forvasco side span from PL2-PL3 is in progress.

Cost (Rs.)
Estimated at Rs. 33,49,00,000.00
Awarded for Rs. 41,79,69,000.00

Project consists of two flyovers on NH 17B, one towards Verna side and other towards Vasco side.


Project highlights

A. TOWARDS VERNA: The scope of the grade separator is limited to chainage 0.00 upto chainage 709.95. Details are as follows:
i. Total length of bridge: From Ch.65.00 to Ch.640.00 i.e.575 m.
B. TOWARDS VASCO DE GAMA: The scope of the grade separator is limited to Chainage 0.00 upto Chainage 579.338

Details are as follows:
i. Total length of bridge: From Ch.45.00 to Ch.530.00 i.e.485 m.
Road Furniture : Providing and installing in position Lane marking, delineators, rumbling strips, signage with diamond grade retro reflective film, gantries, chevrons, direction boards, etc. minimum as shown in the tender drawings or as per provisions of IRC standards and specifications.


Design and Construction of Grade Separator at Dabolim Airport.
Taluka: Mormugao


M/s. M. Venkata Rao Infra Projects Pvt. Ltd.


M/s. TPF Engineering Pvt. Ltd

Project Incharge

Shri Dilip Joshi


Shri Anup Netalkar


Shri Nilay Shenvi


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