To facilitate better connectivity between the villages of Corjuem and Poira by construction of openable bridge without causing hindrance to mining activities by allowing free movement of barges and other vessels through the openable navigational span of the bridge.

Length 54 m
width 12 m
Project Duration
Start Date Apr 15 2004
End Date Oct 05 2007
Status As on Mar 26 2015


Cost (Rs.)
Awarded for 42,350,000.00
  • Bridge has two piles and two open foundations with superstructure of structural steel and RCC counter fort deck.
  • Length : 54 m, width : 12 m, navigational clearance : 25 m.
  • Approach road on Corjuem : 200 m.
  • Approach road on Poira : 200 m

Project highlights

Bridge comprises of movable spans (navigational span) revolving in horizontal direction to facilitate movement of barges.


Design and Construction of bridge across river Mapusa connecting Corjuem and Poira including approaches
Taluka: Mapusa


M/s. TPF Engineering Pvt. Ltd


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