• To provide Water transport to pilgrims and tourist by boat thus reducing congestion to St. Francis Xavier Church. • To enhance water transport in Goa • The old existing jetty was in dilapidated condition and a new jetty was required to replace the old jetty.

Project Duration
Start Date Feb 26 2014
End Date Aug 31 2016
Status As on Jul 16 2018

The Jetty was completed and Inaugurated on 14th Dec. 2016. However, rectification works related to floating pontoon deck is in progress.

Cost (Rs.)
Estimated at 15,67,33,007.00
Awarded for 17,84,08,183.39

Hybrid Jetty at Old Goa.


Project highlights

It is a hybrid jetty (i.e. jetty can berth vessels ranging from 100 tonnes to 4000 tonnes)

Vessel of 4000 tonnes load will be berthed on permanent dolphins.

Vessel of 100 tonnes load will be berthed on floating pontoon.

The jetty is 59 mts. long and consists of 2 nos. of 20×5 mts. long floating pontoon

Fixed free board shall be maintained at the floating pontoon

Jetty will have Fire fighting facilities & Shore power facility for vessels

It will be a Pollution free jetty as waste water of ships shall be collected in Bilge & Sewage tanks respectively and will be disposed off from there.


Demolition of Old existing jetty and Reconstruction of New Captain of Ports jetty at Old Goa.
Taluka: Tiswadi


M/s. M. Venkata Rao Infra Projects Pvt. Ltd.


M/s. Kashec Engineers Pvt. Ltd.

Project Incharge

Shri. Dilip Srinivas Joshi


Shri. Sudesh J. Sangodkar


Shri Nilay Shenvi


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