Project Duration
Start Date 19/12/2013
End Date 16/10/2016
Cost (₹)
Estimated at ₹ 90,563,447.00
Awarded for ₹ 86,596,402.55

Project highlights

An existing pedestrian subway is available near Goa Medical College. This Subway was initially developed to facilitate the pedestrian crossing the NH17 from Goa Medical College to the Dental College or vice versa. The Subway also houses 28 shops. The main Subway portion was developed to be used for commercial purpose. Presently the shops are lying vacant, and no commercial activities are taking place. The Subway is having 6 outlets, 2 on Dental college side, 2 on Medical college side and 2 at the central verge. The outlets are provided with stairs on one side and ramps on the other side.

In view of the developments taking place at the School Complex site, it was necessary to provide an uninterrupted, signal free vehicular traffic movement.

To cater this vehicular movement, it was proposed to convert this pedestrian Subway to Motorable Subway, catering to two wheelers and Light Motor Vehicles etc.

The Subway cross section is 7.5m wide and 5m. high, with clear width between the face of columns as 6m. To convert the Pedestrian Subway to Motorable Subway, ramps on four sides are made, to be developed with a slope of 1:20. To cater for minimum turning radius on curves, certain part of existing ramps and some shops are proposed to be demolished. The length of Subway is 230m towards GMC Side and 193m towards Dental college side. The width of ramps is 7.5m. with a carriageway width of 6m and 1.5m wide footpath. The ramps are covered with Galvulium sheets. Provision of Water pumps has been made on both sides of Subway to pump out Water coming/accumulating inside the Subway.
The subway is provided with the 132 numbers of 40 Watts LED lights. Hence by converting this Subway to Motorable Subway, we are providing facility to vehicles as well as pedestrians.

M/s. Sudhir Constructions
M/s. Kashec Engineers Pvt. Ltd.

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