Project Duration
End Date Mar 11 2013

Work completed.

Final Cost of Project 86264969.00

Project highlights

The whole scheme is designed by considering the Bus stand, Multipurpose hall and the jogging/play area.
Total area comprises around 17,500sq.m.
Total Built up area is 3577.5 sqm
Separate entry, exits for buses and other vehicles for traffic movement in the campus.
Provision of 2 bays for alighting, 10 bays for scheduled buses, 5 bays for shuttle service.
Provision for Rickshaws, Taxis and Pilots has been made near alighting bay.
Adequate provision of parking of private vehicles, both 2 wheelers & 4 wheelers has been made with separate entry & exits.
Provision of services & infrastructure such as toilets, drinking water, and telephone booths, waiting areas, canteen, ticketing offices, restrooms etc.
4 No of Shops and other commercial activities.
Multipurpose hall/Marriage hall/Auditorium with an accommodation capacity of 1000 people with allied facilities.


Construction of Bus Stand at Valpoi.
Taluka: Sattari



M/s. Shilpi Constructions


M/s. Rahul Deshpande & Associates


Additional Work

This project involved 3 additional tasks. The details of the same available below

Status Progress Project Duration
Start Date / End Date
Cost (Rs.)
Estimated / Awarded
Final Cost of Project
Consultants & Contractors
1 external electrical works
As on

100% completed

As on

Jan 14 2013 - Dec 11 2013


38,48,415.93 / 44,26,921.55


M/s. Ohm Engineers & Electricals Pvt. Ltd.

2 air conditioning works
As on

100% completed

As on

Mar 25 2012 - Dec 11 2013


34,20,639.00 / 35,39,999.00

3 cctv works
As on


As on

Dec 08 2015 - Jan 07 2016


5,51,312.76 / 4,70,247.75


Geeta automation

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