Project Duration
Start Date 19/10/2006
End Date 31/01/2007
Cost (₹)
Estimated at ₹ 6,122,963.72
Awarded for ₹ 3,498,633.83
Final Cost of Project ₹ 31,361,805.00

Project highlights

o Built-up area of the project is 1,462 sq. m.
o The bus stand consists of the following :-
– Two bays for alighting, 8 bays for scheduled buses and 5 bays are provided for idle parking.
– Shops (12 nos.) and other commercial activities have been designed considering the financial feasibility and independent functioning.
– Para transit parking : (a) Rickshaws – 7 nos., (b) Taxis – 7 nos., (c) Motor cycles – 12 nos.
– Commuters parking : (a) Two wheelers – 90 nos., (b) Four Wheelers – 12 nos.
– Services & infrastructure such as toilets, drinking water and telephone booths, waiting areas, canteen, ticketing offices, etc.
o Lighting system used for the entire bus stand is based on the light sensing technology which turns on the lighting system at dusk and shuts off at dawn.
o Roads within the campus are of concrete as they are highly durable and low on maintenance compared to conventional tar road.

M/s. Rohit Equipments
M/s. Rahul Deshpande & Associates

Additional Work

This project involved 1 additional tasks. The details of the same available below

Status Progress Project Duration
Start Date / End Date
Cost (Rs.)
Estimated / Awarded
Consultants & Contractors
1 Phase II : Civil works, internal electrification and road
100% completed

20/09/2007 - 03/07/2008


₹ 30,958,791.00 / ₹ 36,323,192.00

  M/s. Rahul Deshpande & Associates
M/s. SMC Infrastructures Private Limited -

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