Base Price for the quarter July-August-September 2013

Mar 27, 2015, 10:11 AM IST

No.:GSIDC/ENGG/562/4067                                                                       18th October 2013




Sub: Base Price of Cement, Steel reinforcement bars, Structural steel angles, Structural tubes and pipes, Bitumen for operation of Clause No–69 of General Conditions of Contract (GCC–69) in terms of Board Resolution No. 1388 dated 26th February 2008 in the contract Form Item Rate Tender.


Sr. No. Item Base Price per Tonne Including Taxes

(in Rs)

July-August- September 2013  
1. Cement


6,920.00 Authorized   Supplier


Steel Reinforcement bars


a) FE500 (CRS) 49,260.00 Authorized   Supplier
b) FE415 / 500 (TMT)-(Avg.) 46,347.50 Authorized   Supplier
3. Structural Steel Sections – angles, tees, & channels etc 50,200.00 Authorized   Supplier
4. Structural Steel Sections -tubular & pipe sections 57,089.00 Authorized   Supplier
5. Bitumen (80/100 and 60/70) (Average of these two taken)
a) Bulk 48,503.00 Authorized   Supplier
b) Packed 52,135.00 Authorized   Supplier


This is issued with the approval of the Managing Director.


Manager (Engg.)