Project Duration
Start Date 29/09/2006
End Date 08/11/2006
Cost (₹)
Estimated at ₹ 18,427,624.00
Awarded for ₹ 22,375,162.19
Final Cost of Project ₹ 15,260,565.00

Project highlights

The jetty at Kala Academy is a steel jetty on piles with wooden flooring. The length of the ramp portion of the jetty is 61 mts. and the length of the jetty portion is 38 mts. The cost of the jetty is Rs.1.45 crore. The jetty had to be extended to a length of 61 mts. from the bank to facilitate berthing of vessel of the size of Noah’s Ark, which requires a minimum draft of 2.0 mts. In addition, the ramp portion has two additional platforms of the size 10 mts X 10 mts. that would serve as stands for press photographers. The purpose behind constructing this temporary jetty is to facilitate berthing of vessels ferrying the delegates from Sinquerim.

M/s. M. Venkata Rao Infra Projects Pvt. Ltd.
M/s. Vijaykumar Sawant Associates

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