During communal violence in December 2006 at Curchorem, the Department had to mobilize fire fighting vehicles / appliances from Ponda, Margao and even Panaji to manage the situation. This has added a new dimension to the urgency for upgrading Fire Staton at Curchorem.

Built Up Area 2150.62
Status As on Mar 26 2015


New building for Fire Station at Curchorem is constructed in a land admeasuring 4420 sq. m. with all modern facilities.


It consists of main administrative building (Block A) which is Ground + 2 structure, canteen block (Block B) and 5 storey drill tower for drilling operations.


Total built-up area is 2150.62 sq. m.


Project highlights

  • Provision for parking space of 4 nos. of fire fighting tendons in the main administrative building.
  • Provision for Fire Fighting Museum is made in the main building.
  • Control room, administrative office and room for Station Fire Officer and Duty Officer are located on the ground floor of main administrative building.
  • Provision for gymnasium and recreational room for sports activities such as carrom, table tennis, etc. is made in the main building.
  • 6 nos. of dormitory rooms with total capacity for 56 people is provided in the main administrative building.
  • The building is equipped with all interior furniture’s, telephone connection and solar water heaters.
  • The building is also provided with the diesel generator back up.
  • Following brand new vehicles with all modern equipments are provided to the Fire Station at Curchorem :-
  • Water Bouser of capacity 12,000 litres,
  • Water tender of capacity 4,500 litres,
  • Light Emergency Rescue vehicle equipped with Chemical Protective Suit, RCC Hydraulic Cutting Machine, Rescue & Fall Arrest Harness, Hydraulic Cutting and Breaking Rescue Tools, Pneumatic Lifting Airbags set, Victim Location Camera, Multigas Detector, Breathing Apparatus Set, etc.
  • Ambulance (Basic Life Support)


Construction of Fire Station at Curchorem
Taluka: Quepem


Additional Work

This project involved 4 additional tasks. The details of the same available below

Status Progress Project Duration
Start Date / End Date
Cost (Rs.)
Estimated / Awarded
Final Cost of Project
Consultants & Contractors
1 Civil, Plumbing & Internal Electrical work.
As on Mar 26 2015


As on Mar 26 2015
100% completed

Jul 01 2007 - Jun 30 2014


/ 8,14,40,021.85


M/s. Eagle Construction Co.

2 Interior work.
As on Mar 26 2015


As on Mar 26 2015
100% completed

Nov 18 2013 - Aug 15 2014


/ 94,86,404.64


M/s. Klassic Constructions Pvt. Ltd.

3 Fire tender & other equipments.
As on Mar 26 2015


As on Mar 26 2015
100% completed

Jan 31 2014 - Aug 15 2014


/ 3,16,59,348.88

4 Box Culvert Work.
As on Nov 30 2015

Curing process for 21 days is in progress for a span of 7.5 mts length.

As on Nov 30 2015
30% completed

Jul 10 2015 - Dec 09 2015


33,55,777.00 / 41,44,116.80


M/s. Mahimtura Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

M/s. Aashirwad Constructions Pvt. Ltd.

Project Incharge:

Shri Dilip Srinivas Joshi : 9011066777; Shri Anup Netalkar : 9011025917; Shri Nilay Shenvi : 7720835551

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