The bridge between Aldona and Calvim makes crossing the river a breeze during the monsoons. Villagers were earlier dependent on the ferry, which was time consuming.

Length 494 m
Navigational span 120 m
Project Duration
End Date Oct 10 2013


Cost (Rs.)
Awarded for 54,84,75,269.00
Final Cost of Project 64,48,92,736.00

The proposed project is of significant importance to the villagers of Aldona and Calvim as the people were very much dependent on the ferry boat service plying between the two villages prior to the construction of the bridge. Construction of this bridge has mitigated the difficulties of the people in crossing the river, especially during the monsoon season. It is also proposed to promote Calvim village as a tourist spot. Thus, the bridge would help in providing easy access to the village


Project highlights

Design parameters : The bridge is designed conforming to IRC standards.

  • Bridge is a two lane bridge with footpaths on either side.
  • Total length of the bridge is 494 m and carriageway width is 7.5 m. The navigation span of the bridge is 120 m.The approach road on Aldona side is 320 m and on the Calvim side is 100 m.
  • Foundation : Pile foundation is of 1.2 m diameter and average length of pile is 35 m. The grade of concrete for pile foundation is M40 concrete with 8 mm thick liners. Navigational span is of 120 m which ensures that foundations are on the river banks and there are no obstructions to water flow and navigational traffic in the river.
  • Substructure : Comprises of RCC plate piers, RCC pier cap with pedestals.
  • Superstructure : Comprises of composite steel construction. RCC deck slab is supported on steel work spanning between piers. Steel work comprises of plate girders for 34 m span. Navigational span is 120 m steel arch with height of 20 m. Arch suspenders comprise of high strength stainless steel rods.
  • Bearing : All bearing provided are POT PTFE type bearing.
  • Expansion Joint : Strip seal type. Minimum numbers of expansion joints are provided to improve the riding quality.
  • Wearing Coat : Asphaltic concrete wearing course.
  • Lighting : Entire bridge lighting is carried out with high quality LED fittings as specified in tender. Entire arch is lighted with special LED light to give a very elegant look.


Construction of bridge across river between Aldona and Calvim.
Taluka: Bardez


M/s. M. Venkata Rao Infra Projects Pvt. Ltd.


M/s. Madhav Kamat & Associates


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